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    Hallo liebe Community,

    euer Jolla wird euch hoffentlich heute ein neues Update für Sailfish OS anbieten. Wenn nicht, dann sucht doch einfach in den Einstellungen selber nach einer neuen Version.
    Es handelt sich um die nun für alle zugängliche Version ( borg ) mit dem wohlklingenden Namen Aijanpaivanjarvi.

    What new in this update? For this software release we’ve made some important fixes for the Android application support, which should make the user experience even better than before. Many security fixes have also been on the list, plus improvements to applications and features, including:
    Maps are now available in landscape mode, meaning you can use them regardless of orientation
    Keyboard: the virtual keyboard can now be divided into two parts in landscape mode, making it easier to write with both hands
    Email: IMAP idle/push support is now added to mail accounts, meaning that your email inbox should be